motor controller with 298n???

Greetings to you all. It's good to join you. I'm a newcomer to this forum so as to Arduino in general. Two weeks ago I bought Uno and I tried to experiment as much as I possible...I could really use some help of anyone familiar with this. What I'm trying to do, basically, is drive two DC motors with Arduino and to do so I need a controller. The most suitable one for my motors is 298n. I'm also trying to find a shematic-PCB of one layer board in order to build on my one (PCB, eagles.file), but I haven't found one so far. Has anyone come across anything similar or can please tell me where I should look for it.

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I'm also trying to find a shematic-PCB of one layer board

The schematic is the same no matter how many layers you have. It is how you lay it out that matters. For a one layer board you will need to use wire links so lay it out as two layer and have only horizontal or vertical none crossing traces on the top layer.

thans my friend!!! this is my next step in case not fint a PCB one layer...

Hi Chris,

There's a schematic here; and you can see some board layout details...

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where can i found PCB of these this is very good for plenty of motors.

where can i found PCB of these

Looks like it's only a full kit but you could post a comment on that site asking if they will sell you just the PCB.