Motor controlling

Sorry to be such a noob, but I am tired of inhaling smoke and hoping for some help...

I purchased one of these Traxxas Stinger 20Turn Size 540 motors.

I was hoping to get it controlled by a arduino along with a 12v battery. I am looking for suggestions on where to turn for wiring circuits or controller boards or pretty much whatever. I have struck out so far..

I am new to both arduino and electronics in general, but am learning quickly.
Thanks in advance,

HobbyKing sells the ESCs. All RC ESCs use standard servo signals and can be controlled using the servo library. Just Google "arduino servo library"

This motor appears to be a brushed motor - be sure to check this and get an ESC that
is meant for the correct type of motor, they are not interchangable.

Woeful lack of information on that page, such as motor constant and max current...
Consider choosing a motor with known characteristics rather than marketing BS
like "20 turn motor"...