Motor DC datasheet

Hi, I'm making a final carrer proyect with arduino and some dc motor's. I have bought this motor: i need to make the mathematical model of this motor so i need the datasheet of the dc motor with the next data: - Technical specifications - Tachogenerator specification - Performance


I doubt you'll find that without the manufacturer's part number.

Tachogenerator? What tachogenerator?

And how can I get that part number?? Only who has sold me can give me? Thank you

Did you look (with a magnifying glass and good lighting) at the white plastic "end bell" of the motor? Typically with that, and any potential writing on the motor casing, may give you some clues. Most likely that kind of a motor (at least from the picture) is a bog-standard Mabuchi (something like the FA-130, for instance - though your motor may or may not be -that- Mabuchi motor).

Thank You cr0sh
The only letters that appears in the motor is : TT MOTOR 2013 12 06 but with this i can know what kind of motor is and only can give me the datasheet

Any other idea?
Thank you