Motor doesn't want to work

Hey guys-

I have a Tamiya twin motor gearbox, and I know the motor works. When hooking one lead to ground, and one to the +5V pin on the Arduino Uno, it runs just fine.

However, if I try to run it off a single pin, say, Pin 8, nothing happens.

All my code does is set Pin 8 to be high, but the motor won’t spin.

void setup()  { 

void loop()  {
digitalWrite(8, HIGH);  

Can the Arduino pins not provide the current required to spin the motor?

you could drive a transistor with your pin 8 that switches a separate power source.

So the arduino pins can't provide the current?

However, if I try to run it off a single pin, say, Pin 8, nothing happens.

The arduino pins can only supply 40ma max. Trying to run a motor off of an arduino pin is somewhat like trying to start your car with a watch battery.

Definitely need a "motor driver" to provide bidirectional control over the motor or just a transistor switch for single-direction control.

Start with the "Physical/Mechanical" section of the Playground for some learning links:

-- The Rugged Motor Driver: two H-bridges, more power than an L298, fully protected

Alright, thanks.

I have an Ardumoto Motor Driver Shield from Sparkfun, I've just never used it.

I guess I'll be needing to go to Frys this weekend and pickup some pin headers and the like though.

Thanks for the help again.

Be aware that you might actually have damaged your Arduino or the pin you used for driving the motor.

You should test it with a LED and suitable current limiting resistor to make sure it still works as expected.