Motor driver and low coil resistance stepper motors problem


I am new on the world of arduino and electronics so sorry if my questions are not the most clever.
Currently I am working on a project with some stepper motors and I have to decide which motor driver for these stepper motors should I use. My stepper motor is MT-1703HS168A 1.8/step which has 1.68 A/phase and 1.65 Ohm/phase hence 2.8volt/phase. I am considering the case of not having load to understand how to select the motor driver. Most of the motor driver operating with logic voltage range (3.3 to 5.5) which is good for a controller like arduino, but then the load voltage range always starts much higher than 2.8 Volt that my stepper motor handle. Which is the normal voltage range for a stepper motor like this one? Is it possible to call my stepper motor "low coil resistance stepper motor" ?. Am I thinking the wrong way with the calculations of voltages? Do you have any suggestion about which stepper driver should I use?


The Pololu DV8825 is probably suitable but it may need a heat sink for 1.68 amps.

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Logic voltage is for the Arduino and the driver's logic, as you said.
The motor max voltage doesn't matter as your stepper is current driven by the driver and as long the current doesn't exceed the max of the motor, the voltage stays automatically below the threshold.

The driver takes care of all of this and the only to do for you is adjusting the current limit.

Hello again,

Thanks for your prompt reply I did read all the information that robin suggested and now I have a better understanding. I will go with Pololu DV8825 or something similar, and I will use Vref to regulate the current at 1.68 which is the Amp/phase for my stepper motor. For power supply I am not quite sure what voltage should I use. Probably I will test different voltages to see what can support my stepper under load starting from the lowest to highest that my stepper driver can support.


For power supply I am not quite sure what voltage should I use.

If you set the current limit correctly use the highest voltage that is convenient - subject to the limits for the driver chip.


I was thinking to use an adjustable power supply 0-30V 5A for all the tests I am intended to do with the steppers. DRV8825 has a maximum voltage of 45V and I am limited at 30V. I hope that the power will be enough.

I hope that the power will be enough.

Probably. Try it and see what happens.