Motor driver and power source problem


I am using arduino to make a mini sumo but i have a problem with my L9110 motor driver. I have 6V ( 4x1.5V AA ) battery to power my two 6V DC motor but i am not sure that how to connect my battery to driver. I mean, should i directly connect it to VCC and GND of the driver?


Yes. +ve to Vcc, -ve to GND

Thanks :)

From the datasheet:

But it doesn’t show that Gnd needs to be the same Gnd as Arduino, else the digital signal at the L9110 has no reference.

l9110 circuit.GIF

Thanks, i just connected battery to driver and fed arduino with 9V but now i have another problem :) I send the Pwm signal 255, full duty-cycle, but i couldnt get the full power from motors. I thought that transistors on the driver would be open and let the current pass without a cut, so 6V would go to the motors but this didnt happen. When i supply 6V directly to them, without a driver, wheels are spinning faster. How can i drive them at max speed?

Have a look at the datasheet, perhaps there’s a voltage drop? I’m not familiar with that driver.

okay i will try, thank you :)