Motor Driver Layout

Hey there. This is my first post so I will try to make it a good one. I have recently gotten into robotics and I need an H-bridge to control my motors. I have heard that there is a arduino motor driver shield, but because I am cheap I decided to make my own. I did the layout on stripboard which is in my opinion the easiest medium to work with (and I had a lot lying around ;)). I havent designed a lot of stuff on my own before so I wanted to see some of you techno wizards thought about my design. Any input you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

EDIT: I should note that the random IC's that are on the corners of the board are not actually going to be IC's. Those are going to be jumpers for motors or batteries to plug into. Unfortunately the software I'm using doesn't have jumpers built into it, so you kinda have to go rock n roll style


have u looked in the arduino playground?

if you posted a schematic you would get answers. With just the strip board, people would have to look through it and derive a schematic, which could take hours. It’s sort of like showing someone a cake and asking them what they think of the recipe :slight_smile:

Here is the schematic:

I would have thought more people would understand a layout before understanding a schematic (I know its easier for me). I hope that the schematic can make more sense. I know that the circuit isn't very complex, but I am sure that there are probably people here who know way more then I do, so maybe I can get some advice.

schematics looks good... pulldown resistors could be bigger, like 10K, to save a little current.