Motor Driver not working please hellp!

i got this smart robot car kit and when i test each components i cannot connect the l298n motor driver to my arduino. the problem is every time i put the 5v wire to thee arduino, it automatically shut down. I dont know whats happening it looks like the motor driver is the problem please help

Please make a pencil drawing showing exactly how you have everything connected and post a photo of the drawing. See this Simple Image Posting Guide

It would also be a good idea to post your program.


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Check that the ground lines and the 5v lines are not interconnected...also check tha the computer jumper(behind the power lines is placed) that does not work..plz send an image...the way Robin told u....we can simplify it after seeing your image....i recommend u to send an image of the way u connected ....that means in real life..not any schematics....oh...another thing...did u connected ur L298N motor driver to the VIN pin of arduino?....u must connect it to the VIN pin of arduino..remember there is a GND pin beside the VIN pin...check that also.... :slight_smile: :slight_smile: