Motor Driver Shield L293D

Hello everyone, I am a new one here and I am trying to control one 18v screwdriver motor using an 18v and 1.2 A screwdriver battery, (system is supposed to open a wooden door so I need some POWER :slight_smile: ). Plugged this to the L293D motor driver shield and after I pressed the button to start the motor started to vibrate or smth and a second later the L293D chip exploded :slight_smile: (the board is fine I guess, only chip is screwed)

  1. WTF just happened?
  2. How to regulate the current in such situation?
  3. Are there any other ways to get enough external power, maybe using some amplifiers etc?

Thanks a lot

P.S. there are some photoes with motor and battery

P.S. I removed the power switch jumper on the shield

Driver too weak, and motor stall current > 12A :slight_smile:

Didn't really get it(
The driver can handle even higher voltage and the battery provides the peak current of the driver if I am right.
I tried to plug the battery directly to the motor and it's working great.
Do you mean that the battery has the higher amount of current? Honestly it is not mentioned on it, the only thing I know that it has the charge of 1200 mAh

Voltage, but not curren. Get the datasheet of your motor, look for the stall current. Get the datasheet of the L293D, look at the maximum current. Compare. Then look at the power dissipation. LΓΆΓΆk at the maximam curren when no heat sink is present. Calculate size of heat sink. Might be that you come o the conclusion that a 40 year old driver design i not the best option.

Thanks a lot, I think I can try :slight_smile:

Do you know any other more powerfull driver shield for Arduino that can handle high current?

And one more thing about the motor, cause I am not really an expert in all this DC motor stuff, if it vibrates, it means that it has not enough current or more than enough. I've found an explanation of a stall current, and also didn't get it (I am from Ukraine and don't really understand this term)

LOL the motor driver is too weak...i am happy that u didnt get injured... :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: ..plz try other motor driver with high power....


Go to a RC shop, get a speed controler for RC cars.

Do you know any other more powerfull driver shield for Arduino that can handle high current?

The 18V at 1.2A can be easily handled with L298N motor driver:

I use one L298N to control two 12V 1500rpm gear motors of my raspcatbot (Raspberry Caterpillar roBot):
(overpowered with 16.8V gives nearly 1800rpm)

You find L298N left bottom on this photo:

This is from before my endless tracks got foam rubber stripes superglued, carpet was needed for full speed motor reversal braking:

Ahhahahahaha, I wanted to buy it first but it wasn't available in the shop(((

Thanks a lot to everyone
Gonna get a better driver shield :slight_smile: