Motor Driver

Hey Guys, Whats the best motor dirver available in the uk? Idealy i want a hbridge, with pwm, and fault feed back such as (current sensing, over heating, and the like. RS would be prefered, and min voltage would have to be les than 6v. Thanks!

Personnaly, I use a L293D H Bridge. It allows to drive 4 CC motors in a single way (forward/stop), or two motors in two directions (forward/stop/backward).

I like the L298, it has a large package that takes a heatsink easily, will provide bidirectional output for two motors (dual full bridge) and it takes the Arduino's PWM for input with no problem. Did I mention overtemp protection? But no fault feedback. You are looking for a pcb or module, not a chip, I take it. Do a search on the chip numbers, though (L298, L293D) and "kit" or "pcb" to find online vendors that sell pcbs you can use. Or there is a new motor shield for Arduinos that has just come out - read about it in the Hardware/Development forum.

ladyada just put out her new motor shield this week, comes in kit form, and is pretty cheap... there is not feedback, but it does steppers, dc motors, and servos.(It actually has 2 L293D on it)