Motor Driver

Would this be a good product to drive this: with my Uno?

That driver should do just fine as it's rated for 2 amps and the motor stall current is only 1 amp. That's a very good price for that board, too. I built my own and it cost nearly that much in parts!

Cool! Does anyone have experience with such boards? Are they somewhat high quality?

I don't have experience with that particular board but the L298 is a tried and true H-bridge. It should serve you quite well in that application.

How do I control the board? How do I hook it up? Can the two motors move in different directions?

Can the two motors move in different directions?

Yes that is what a H-bridge means.

Connect wires from three arduino outputs to control the Enable and A & B lines.
Enable for start & stop but can be wired permanently low
When these lines are at the same state the motor is stopped when they are at different states it is going.
A = HIGH B = LOW going round one way
A = LOW B = HIGH going round the other way

All I see are VCC, 5v, and ground. Where are the other ones?

Looking at the picture on Ebay, I can see that screw connectors for the motor leads on either side of the board, the motor power supply connects to Vcc and GND and the logic supply connects to 5v and GND I see a voltage regulator on the board so you can power the board from the motor supply. There is likely a jumper to enable this. The logic connections are the male headers on the left side. I can't make out the labeling but there will be an Enable and an input for each channel. Here is a tutorial for using a very similar board with an Arduino: It also has a good explanation of PWM. You should also look at the data sheet for the L298: