motor drivr

i hv recently did a circuit with a driver and two motors,for driver ic input volt=9,dc motor=6v,when i start the arduino both motors hav some starting trouble,and the ic got heated up faster,wat to do?

wat to do?

Start by posting the circuit with details of "the ic", and the sketch.

this is the circuit i have used


The L293D can drive upto 600mA. Perhaps your motors take more (nearly all do)? You
always need to know the stall current rating for a motor in order to select an appropriate
driver - also the nature of the power source is relevant.

If you have a multimeter you can measure the resistance at the motor terminals - less than
about 6 ohms and its unsuitable for the L293D (ie draws more than 1A at stall - the chip
maybe damaged beyond 1.2A, note).