Motor for controlling Pan of Pan-Tilt bracket instead of Servo

Currently, I am using a servo motor to control the pan of the pan tilt bracket but the limit is only 0 to 180 deg. I am controlling the servo using a servo library from arduino by outputting the angle of the servo.

Link to Sparkfun pan tilt brackets

Is there any other motor which I can use to overcome this 0 to 180 deg limitation and how do I control it such that the motor will stop at the desired position (similar to controlling the angle of the servo motor)


You might look at using a multi turn sail winch servo.

Maybe a stepper motor would be best. There are ways to control them with arduino. Most use a stepper controller and send step and direction commands with the arduino. You can find the motors for free pretty much. They are in printers, cdrom drives, etc. If you can't locate one in a junk pile you could always order a small one from the same place you get the controller.

Driver Motor

I don't know if you need a more powerful motor but they have them. They just cost more.

Just get a servo that does more than 180 degrees as Zoomkat suggests - it'll minimize the changes you need to make to your code.