Motor for fast RPM

Hi all, I'm trying to power a home made conveyor belt for a project I'm doing. It doesn't require a huge amount of torque (there may be around 1kg max on the conveyor).

I was hoping to acheive around 1,000 to 2,000rpm. Is this even possible?

What are my options here for achieving this?

2000 rpm is slow for a DC motor. 20,000 would be more common (well maybe a bit less).

You need to identify the torque required to move the conveyor belt. There is a simple idea for measuring torque in Stepper Motor Basics - but I am NOT suggesting you use a stepper motor.

You will probably need gearing to reduce the motor speed to the speed required for the conveyor.


Indeed 2000 rpm is no problem. Probably requires you to gear down the motor.
Just browse Amazon or Ebay or so and you'll find lots and lots of options. Do make sure you know the actual torque needed to move your belt, to get a motor that can easily handle that.