Motor for slow rotation

I am looking for a motor which can turn slowly for an extended period of time. I need to rotate a disc similar to a microwave plate but would like to do it from the side instead of the center using some kind of wheel (or cylindrical door stopper)... I thought of a gear and rails but can't find any flexible rails to use.

I want the disc to rotate about 360 degrees a minute but be able to do this 24/7. Also I would like to limit the number of pins if possible. If a stepper motor is the only suitable application what can I use to reduce the number of pins used? Also want to control at least 4 motors using an UNO board.

Please advice, thanks.

In something I read (not sure if it was a magazine or online) a person used a cable tie wrapped and glued around a disc (with the grooves on the outside and the connector parts cut off) as the "teeth" for a worm wheel. I also think they used a suitable sized bolt as the worm gear.

Another idea is to use a tap (for screw cutting) as a gear cutting hob to cut the teeth around a disc to make it into a worm wheel. See for example Primitive worm gear hobbing in a lathe - YouTube

Edit to add ...
Another option might be a belt drive with the belt running on the rim of the disc similar to belt-drive record turntables.

What diameter is the disk? - Scotty

There is a stepper Driver called "easy-Driver" IIRC it only needs one pin to move the stepper one step Forward. ( 5V and GND too )

But thats all I can say about it :smiley:

What is the size of your project? The disk can be driven by a motor driven friction wheel against the side of the disk. The friction drive wheel could be a shaft with a piece of gum rubber tubing slid over it.

How fast do you want it to rotate, and how jerky do you want the motion to be ?

I'd not be inclined to use a stepper motor, I'd get one of those motors with its own gearbox
that rotates quite slowly, and use that to drive a rubber wheel which just drives the rotating
plate by friction.

You may wish to check out the 28BYJ-48 steppers 5 & 12 volt. They are mass produced and dirt cheap with the controller on eBay.

They have internal gear box and 2096 steps/revolution with good torque. Definitely slow!