Motor Guidance for Self-Balancing Robot


I am just looking for some general direction for which type of motors, and basic wiring advice.

I used an Arduino with a small Pololu Dual Brushed Motor Driver and 2 small brushed motors. I also hooked the Arduino up to an accelerometer. I had the a single 5v battery for the whole system. The 3.3 V was used for logic and the 5V was used for the Arduino and to drive the motors.

Everything worked, however I noticed a lot of noise introduced into the accelerometer signal after the motors where connected and turned on.

And am designing an entirely new model and design. I want to start from scratch and design the circuit so that I can reduce noise in the sensors so i can have a fine precision control. I think what I need is a brushless motor and external ESC ( electronic speed control ) which should be powered from their own battery. Then I should use a different (smaller) battery for the arduino and sensors. Hopefully there won’t be a way for noise form the motors to affect the accelerometer reading.

Is this the right direction to go with hardware?

Could you share your schematics and perhaps picture of the current setup? It’s possible to power the whole thing on one battery.

Sure I will draw something up and also show a picture of what is happening with the noise situation. Thanks.