motor H bridge ic power problems

i just received my sparkfun motor h bridge ic, and it is giving me problems regarding motor power.

i have a 9v rechargeable battery connected to the motor power supply pin, and i have the ground wire of the 9v connecting to the h bridge ground, which intern is connected to the arduino ground.
i measured 9v coming from the battery with a multi meter, and the motor is only receiving UNDER A VOLT! it’s around half a volt that the motor is receiving. But when first started, the motor goes fast for about a second, then slows down into this “pulse” propel mode, that goes slow, and when i stop it with my finger, it just bounces, like a pulse.

i hooked up the wires exactly as shown here:

and that overall tutorial come from here:

but i did leave out the following:
connection to pin 2, becuase i did not want a switch to activate it.

is the fact that i dont have a switch a problem?

and my current code i am using:

#include <Servo.h>
Servo servo1; Servo servo2;
int motor1Pin = 3;    // H-bridge leg 1 
int motor2Pin = 4;    // H-bridge leg 2 
int speedPin = 9;     // H-bridge enable pin 
int ledPin = 13;      //LED 

void setup() {
  servo1.attach(14); //analog pin 0

  // set all the other pins you're using as outputs:
  pinMode(motor1Pin, OUTPUT); 
  pinMode(motor2Pin, OUTPUT); 
  pinMode(speedPin, OUTPUT);
  // set speedPin high so that motor can turn on:
  digitalWrite(speedPin, HIGH); 

void loop() {
digitalWrite(motor1Pin, HIGH);
digitalWrite(motor2Pin, LOW);}

A 9V battery has crap all current delivery capacity - that's why your voltage is sagging under load.

Try replacing it with a DC 9V power pack.

Also are you sure your motors are rated for that voltage? I don't think the h-bridge has any voltage limiting components

ok, the batteryis a rechargeble one, i’m not sure how on one end i can measure 9v, and on the other end less then a volt…, but i will try your idea ASAP ( aka tom morning lol )

the motor was originally from an airplane, and that exact rechargable battery was used to power it and other things, so it has to be a 8-12v motor, atleast.

and for the crap current delivery capacity, should i remove the capacitor if i’m using a 9v dc power jack?

Are you controlling a servo or a DC motor ?

H bridges are usually used to control DC motors, not servos. Your code suggests that you are trying to control a servo.

If it is a DC motor, then you should not use the servo lib.

Instead you should control the motor with PWM.

@big93, do you have +5 connected to the motor driver chip? It need this for the internal circuitry.


ok heres the rundown ( lol ) the chip is not controlling the servo, its just that i made a car, and i want to control it moving back and forth with the regular dc motor, and control the turning with servos.

so the chip is only controlling a dc motor.

and also: once a command is sent to the ic, can the command be revoked or changed, because i tried making the motor spin one way, then changing it, and it dident work, i had to change the first command and reupload it to the motor to make it change direction.