Motor manipulations

Hello there,

I'm a new Arduino User, and I was wondering if the actions I would like to be done by the Arduino are possible before spending a lot of time on the project!
Could I get comments for that, please?

Here is the project: I whant a motor attach to a pulley that turn at a low speed on the right for x time, stop for x time, and after that, turn left for x time, stop for x time, and restart the processus again. (For example, each hour the system is moving)

Also, I would like to insert a switch or a controller to put the system on /off. And when its starting, I would like him to start only when the next hour gets on. ( for example, if I push " on " the motor at 10h43, I would like it to start only at 11h00)

Here are the kit that I bought on Amazon: " ELEGOO UNO Project Super Starter Kit with Tutorial, 5V Relay, UNO R3, Power Supply Module, Servo Motor, 9V Battery with DC, Prototype Expansion Board, ect. for Arduino ".

Thank you for the help!!!
Have a nice day!

What you want to do should be perfectly possible. However you have not told us anything about the forces involved.

If you want things to happen at "clock" time then you should get a Real Time Clock (RTC) module as the Arduino's time keeping is not good enough.

The PP3 style of 9v smoke alarm battery is not suitable for powering motors - it cannot provide enough current.


Many gear ratios of gearmotor are available, so once you know the speed you want you can
select an appropriate motor, but you also need to calculate the load torque too, which may
be less straightforward.

If you want precise control of position, rather than just rough speed setting, you'll need perhaps
a stepper motor, or a servomotor setup.

Hello Robin2,

Thanks a lot for you're feed back!!! Was not expecting to have an answer so quick ! :slight_smile:

You're right, I didn't calculate any forces yet. (Scuse me for the english, I'm French Canadian) But the motor should be enough strong to do the job! I attached a little sketch of the system !

Thank you for any suggestions!

Hello MarKT,

Thanks a lot for the specifications!!

Maybe you have advices for the project that you can see on my precedent post for Robin2?

Thank you very much!!!

But the motor should be enough strong to do the job!

I can interpret that 2 ways. It might mean that you need to find a motor that is suitable. OR it might mean that the motor you already have should be suitable.

If it's the latter please let us know the details of the motor you have.

It would be a good idea to write some short programs so you can learn about making the motor move and stop and learn about using a switch and learn about using an RTC module separately. Don't try to make a composite program until you can do each separately.


Thank you very much for the advices;

Here are the motors that I have:

  1. Stepper motor 1 PC
  2. Servor motor SG90 1PC
  3. 3-6 V Motor 1 PC (with fan blade)

Have you experimented to see if any of the motors you have is powerful enough to do the job - that does not require any sophisticated software.

If you need more help please post a link to the datasheet for your stepper motor - there are hundreds of Nema 17 motors. Also tell us what stepper motor driver you have.

Stepper Motor Basics
Simple Stepper Code

Full details of hardware (ie datasheet or product page) are required, there's no point just saying
something like "3-6 V Motor 1 PC (with fan blade)" as that lacks most of the vital specifications
such as speed, torque, stall current, type of motor even!!

"Stepper motor 1 PC" - no specifications at all! unipolar? bipolar? 5-phase? NEMA8/11/17/23/34 or what?
1.8deg/step or what? winding impedance? Rated current? These are all important specs for
a stepper motor.

Alas your diagram lacks masses, speeds and its unclear whether the pulley is cord or toothed belt.

Thank you for the respond, MarKT.

As I was saying at the beginning, I don't have experience in those technical aspects. I'll try to be more precise next time. I was just pasting the motors names from the Arduino kit.

I was just pasting the motors names from the Arduino kit.

Did the kit come with example programs for demonstrating the different motors?


Here what I got with the kit:

(I prefer to give you the info directly to avoid misexplaining)

Here what I got with the kit:

That link requires me to agree to something - which I am not happy to do.


Oh, sorry...It's a wetransfer link.

I'll go trough the file by myself, and if I have questions I'll ask them here!!

Thanks a lot for all the help!!!! Really appreciated! :slight_smile:

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