Motor moving back and forth at different speeds

Hi Guys,

I have a motor that moves an object back and forth. However, I actually need it to move forward at a faster rate than it moves backward. How can I implement different (constant) speeds for these two directions?

I did not write the code myself and am quite new to Arduino. There is some part in there about a "relais perslucht ventiel" but this is not important for the setup.


int IN1 = 4; // pin 4 int IN2 = 5; // pin 5 int speedPinA = 9; // Pin 9 voor de PWM modulatie om de snelheid van de motor te variƫren

include "HX711.h"

define DOUT 3

define CLK 2

// aansturing relais perslucht ventiel int IN3 = 8; // pin 8 als output naar relais

// schakelaars informatie------------------ int sensorPinleft = A0; // input pin lichtsluis links int sensorPinright = A1; // input pin lichtsluis rechts int spindirection= 1; // 1 voor rechtsom

void setup() { // Set the output pins pinMode(IN1, OUTPUT); pinMode(IN2, OUTPUT); pinMode(speedPinA,OUTPUT); pinMode(IN3, OUTPUT); Serial.begin(9600); Serial.println("Toets T en enter om te nullen"); scale.set_scale(-1574650); //Calibration Factor obtained from first sketch scale.tare(); //Reset the scale to 0


// Program ================================================================

void loop() // Motorsturing--------------------------- { analogWrite(speedPinA, 255); sensorPinright = analogRead(A0); sensorPinleft = analogRead(A1);

//============ IF constructie ==========

if (sensorPinlinks > 500) { spindirection= 0; }

if (sensorPinrechts > 500) { spindirection= 1;


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