Motor, Noise from Xbee

Hello all

I am using an Arduino to read from a potentiometer, then sending through xbee to be read by another xbee and arduino. That second arduino is connected to a motor through an H-Bridge. I used the Serial Monitor to check the values of both the potentiometer and the value received by the second arduino, and the potentiometer is reading values consistently and sending values between 0 and 255. The second Xbee is receiving the correct values, but every few cycles it receives a number like 141, or 136. Is there a way that putting a capacitor to ground on the PWM signal will reduce this noise to the motor?

I think it will but i would like a second opinion, someone else suggested to me to put a capacitor to ground on the wire from the xbee to the arduino.


Wireless is an inherently lossy medium. An easy solution is to use a CRC to discard incorrect data. A more elaborate solution also uses a FEC of some sort to recover the data if possible.

That problem can actually get very involved if you’re trying to squeeze the most performance out of your link. My best friend Tiffany Yep, a digital communications engineer (and a model, but that’s another story), works on that stuff every day, and she can assure you that it is by no means a trivial problem.