Motor not responding

Another question!

I’ve been working on the “Secret Knock Detecting Door Lock” and have completed the circuit. It works PERFECTLY except for one small thing; the motor doesn’t respond. I’ve checked it multiple times, and I know it works. It is hooked up to the rectifier diode correctly and it should be getting enough power…but I’m not sure.

Any suggestions?

Here is the link:

How about taking out the motor and replacing it with an LED/resistor to see if the transistor is switching the circuit on?

I had just tried that, and strangely the LED works…
Very weird :confused:

Sounds like a power issue. When you say that you know it works, have you ever had it running when powered by the arduino? Bear in mind that if it draws more than 200mA, you may damage your arduino.

Shit, I should have noticed that the motor was powered off of the Arduino 5v.... I guess that's the problem, well spotted.

hmmmmmm........Im trying to figure out how to resolve this.

Supply 5v from another source to the motor, say where the diode is on the breadboard and lose the red wire from the diode over to the right. Connect the ground from that new power source to the grounds of the existing setup.

EDIT: Then the motor part of your setup will look like this.

Ill try that! Thx!

See my edit in my last post, with a link