Motor or Pump to make it sprinkle water

Hello everybody!
My first post on here.
i want to make a pump/motor that sprays a water mist, but not like fog or a humidifier, but still close to that, so a very gentle sprikle i should say. now the porblem is i dont know what kind of pump or motor to use and how it may be set up. and it needs to be small too, nothing big. a mini one.
someone please give me some tips since i have never done a project like this or any using arduino etc... i have youtube videos but they are not really what am looking for so not that much help there either.
Thanks in advance!!

You need to decide exactly what you want rather than asking us to decide for you.

hmm well dude sorry if i have come across like that. what i want is a pump or a motor to sprinkle water. there are different kinds of them and i dont know which one suits my needs. so any tips or suggestions would be appreciated. i have never done a project like this so i dont know

Have you looked at a peristaltic pump ?


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How much water, at what height?

Pumps are rated by delivery (gallons/hour, liters/minute, etc.) at a certain "head" (height above water surface).

Then you need to decide whether the pump is AC or DC powered, and pick a suitable way to switch it on and off by Arduino. Relays are fine.

not alot of water just a small amount covering maybe about half a meter distance. it just needs to sprinkle to get a small surface wet, for example a small patch of grass.
the water would be next to the pump (maybe a tiny difference in height but pretty much at the same level)

and currently im experimenting so i think ill use DC

Thanks for your reply

Can you tell us more about the project ?
Is it for plants ? Most plants have no benefits from it:

@LarryD thanks for the suggestion. i have looked into it now, and judging from the pressure of that pump i think it may not be able to make it sprinkle... i could be wrong, please correct me if i am.

Well i want a timer and the pump to sprinkle water at specific times. there are plenty of projects on arduino to help me with the timer stuff. i just dont know what sort of pump to use to make it sprinkle. you could say its for plants, and i just want to create it, even if it has no benfit.

IF you have the device to cause "sprinkles", then figure out how much pressure and what volume of water it needs.

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thanks dude, i guess ill have to get a device that makes sprinkles.

You can get various little pumps that operate from a 5V supply. I've used this one, for instance:

If you don't want to submerge it, you can glue a input pipe to it (that's what I did), but the input must be lower than the level of your water reservoir because these pumps won't self-prime.

Look instead at MISTER devices.
I had some set up last year with a small 12 volt pump using an Arduino as both the timer and the trigger for a relay.

Most mister nozzles use a small bore pipe to aid in pressure.
You will almost certainly need a PSU capable of both powering the Arduino and any auxiliary devices attached.

12 volts @ 2A would handle most of the smaller pumps.
The higher you place a mist nozzle the more area it can cover but you may need to add additional nozzles.

See also this link for further ideas.

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