motor party!

it is like -19213 degrees outside, so i spent the day workin' on my motor shield design and then had a MOTOR PARTY!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

very cool!

ThatΒ΄s fun! :wink:

I am also playing around with motors and steppers, smoked up an ULN2003 with one stepper when i changed the Vcc from 5 to 12V. So i wanted to try the 293D...
What ICΒ΄s do you use for that? Yours seem to have enough power to dance a ballet!

That does look cool. I too would like to know what chip is driving the DC motors. That seems an awfully compact setup for driving so many motors - congrats!

yeah they're just 293d's...standard h-bridge motor drivers.

I thought you could control 2 motors with a single 293D, are there 3 on this board?

I thought you could control 2 motors with a single 293D, are there 3 on this board?

there are 2, thus 4 motors (2 steppers)

Very nice. You should call it the "4WD module"!

Offroad Arduino.

I definitely want one.

I thought you could control 2 motors with a single 293D, are there 3 on this board?

there are 2, thus 4 motors (2 steppers)

Great job!

Is this a protected design, or you will make eagle files available?

its a preview...its not finished & debugged yet, so im not releasing files.
please be patient until its completed. :slight_smile:

neat board!! ... maybe you could send me one as a pay for the v3 sources :wink:


sure, as soon as its finished debugged i will post again and send out a few, as i did with the protoshield
i mean, right now theres only -one- hand-etched PCB! :slight_smile:

yay i got my few prototypes back and they're perfect. just a bit more testing and ill have them available in the shop in a few weeks.

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Awesome! I can think of a couple projects for which this would be useful this fall...

Looks great and the AFMotor library looks great too.

...and the newb question of the day, why the serial to parallel chip?

there werent enough digital pins to control all the motors so i saved a few by using a 595 (which i use for other kits so ive got them stock)

Looks cool!

Ladyada - I'm going to hold off ordering mine until Thursday, when you get more Diecis in stock (I need another of those too, and wish to combine shipping). But - where is this AFMotor library to be found? Am I overlooking a link in an earlier post?

i dont have these shield in the store yet so you can't buy them :stuck_out_tongue:
the library is on the download page

BTW, a couple of questions / suggestions about the library (somewhat uninformed, since the link on the download page seems to be broken):

How important is it to be able to change the PWM frequency? If you don't support that, then the millis() and delay() functions should continue to work. I'm happy to change the default PWM frequency if it helps, since the current was rather arbitrary.

Was there any reason you didn't want to use the existing Stepper library for controlling the steppers? Maybe your library could simple pre-instantiate two instances of the class, for the two possible stepper pin configurations?

In general, in the libraries we've tried to preinstantiate class instances for physically wired hardware. In this case, the equivalent might be DCMotor1, DCMotor2, etc. instances with setSpeed() methods (rather than a single setspeed() method that accepts the motor number as a parameter).

Similarly for the Servos: there's already a Servo library for controlling servos on pins 9 and 10. You could have two pre-instantiated instances of the class: Servo1 and Servo2, for example.

As usual, the goal is simply to maintain some consistency across the various libraries, so that it's easy for people to go between them. I think the functionality would be more or less the same. And I'm happy to help with the coding, if you want.