Motor questions


I've been making different small beginner Arduino projects, and i think it is the time to move on. I want to try something with robotics, but i got some questions:

1) What is the difference between stepper, servo and DC motors??? Which is the best for robotics?

2) What is the easiest way to connect motors to the Arduino? A shield??

Thanks! :)

Which is the best for robotics?

Define "robotics".


Which is the best for robotics?

Define "robotics".

Small Vehicles with sensors and such :)

Define "small" and "sensor" (hopefully, you'll see where this is going)

It's robots like this one, i want to make. With ping sensors :)

OK, servos are a bad choice for moving the robot, because they only move about 180 degrees or so.
But they may be a good choice for the Ping turret.

Steppers vs. DC motors depends a lot on how you want the robot to move, how much battery you want to carry, how many pins you want to dedicate to movement.

Thanks! :)

I've been looking on these two motors, but i don't know what the difference is: DFRobot Motor and SolarBotics

Wouldn't it be smartest to use an Adafruit Motor Shield?

One is 3V, the other is 6V. Both will probably work at 3V. Neither can be driven directly from an Arduino I/O pin.