Motor recommendation for viscous liquids


What kind of motors can I use to pump viscous liquids? I am looking for a mini size motor/pump.



this may help

you don't have to use the same supplier or product

Thank you for your response, Tom. This is helpful!

What is the liquid exactly ?
Knowing that would help greatly to define a suitable pump.
Also what voltages are available for the pump ?

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The liquid will be soap and planning to supply the voltage using the battery.

Liquid soap comes in many viscosity so details would be appreciated.
Battery ?

1.5 volt 6 volt 12 volt 24 volt ?
Capacity ?
Rechargeable ?

I did not give you those links just for fun so use them then we do not have to drag details out of you as it becomes very tedious.

If you really want help then we need DETAILS !

Not meaning to sound harsh but sometimes a simple request can drag out for weeks and months without enough information.