Motor recommendation

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So this is it; I've been playing with motor control, and can control a DC motor just fine using a H-bridge. This is a small hobby type motor.

I would like to upgrade this motor to a larger one. Something that can push a scooter etc...(I want to make a scooter)

What motors do people recommend that that kind of application?

Any advice would be greatly appriciated!

~Kam (^8*

Sounds sick.

Try something from 1.5 to 5 HP, Anything more would be overkill.

Here's a nice 1.5 HP Electric Scooter Motor on Ebay for a decent price|66:2|39:1|72:1205|240:1318|301:1|293:1|294:50

And just to get you started, if you're driving this thing with an Arduino, check RadioShack for Relays, something like this,

You're going to need a pretty big Relay to drive all that current, maybe even a small relay that can switch with the 5V from the Arduino Digital Pin, that switches the larger Relay using a 12V Source, which powers the 30AMPs @ around 30V to the Motor.

I think you problem here is that you are going to want to control the speed of the motor. If not a relay is a good option.

However if you are looking for speed control then you are looking at PWM control and a very heave duty FET switch or H-bridge. While this is perfectly possible it is power engineering which is not really an area for beginners. So look for some ready made motor controllers.

Hi All,

I've got all the programming done using PWM etc. I can control the speed, direction, apply braking, encoder etc...

I now need to take it from a "small" test unit, to a larger motor. The ebay motor listed on this thread looks nice...I'm off to some surplus electronic places here in San Jose to see if I can get some cheap big motors...

~Kam (^8*

I was going to tell you to be sure to hit Triangle Tool, but it appears that Hafiz has become another casualty of the economy :'(

The reason I came back to the thread is that I happened upon a scooter motor controller while shopping for other stuff at All Electronics. Looks like it might be adaptable to your needs, and has all the high-current stuff already built for you.