Motor Reversing Using Two Pins Instead Of DPDT Relay?

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I was thinking that we could use two pins, one pin set up to a transistor with motor polarity going one way and the other pin set to another transistor with the motor polarity going the other way. For these actuators, . The question I am having is do I need diodes or something to prevent reverse emf going somewhere it shouldn't? Yeah, I could go out of town a little or order the relays on Ebay, but I have some transistors and diodes already.

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This idea has the possibility of both pins being active at the same time and hence shorting the power supply.

You could use two relays activated by the two pins via a driver. Use one DPDT to switch the voltage to another relay that controls the polarity.


[SOLVED] further and better searching did it.

um Not Solved with that, this is better


This is a simple H bridge using discrete transistors. There are cheap IC bridges available, L298 for eg.