Motor running in both direction

Hello everyone!

I need help about a system composed of a 2 channel relay module, an arduino and a microwave motor.
I have defined an digital IO to control the motor, and set two variables to turn on and turn off the drive. The problem is that sometimes when I turn on the motor, instead of running clockwise, it reverses the direction of rotation, and starts to run backwards.
What should I do to fix the direction of rotation of my motor, so that it only rotates clockwise?


You may not be able to fix that motor. Some do not have a preferred direction of rotation, but you could choose one that does.

Is that an AC motor ?

Welcome back fs gonzaga, For clarification I assume we are talking about the stirrer blades. These are used to prevent hot spots. Most microwaves reverse each time the stirrer blades motor is started. Reversing vaires from model to model, sometimes it is mechanical, some times electrical and some are now electronic.

thank you for your tips jremington!

Here at home I have L298N DC Motor Driver Module, this module can help me achieve my objetive? Do you ever use it before?

In the case of using another kind of motor that can switch the direction of rotation, which one you advice me to buy?


Hello LarryD!

Yes. Its an AC Motor!

Old technology but if that’s what you have then use it.

The problem with them is there can be a few volts lost on the BJT output transistors.

Let’s say the motor is a 8VDC motor, for best operation use 10v to the controller.

Since it’s AC these types of motors can start up the way they want. :frowning:

Get a DC motor.

Hello @gilshultz !

The motor is very similar to this one

Do you think it would be better to find another kind of motor?


Link does not work.

Thanks for the info! I guess its the best choice @LarryD ! To use for automatic dog feeder, which type would you advice me to buy?


Sorry for that !

“ To use for automatic dog feeder”
Don’t use an AC motor.

Lots of inexpensive gear motors available on Amazon.

Could also try a servo motor as it has a built in motor controller and you tell it to go from 0 to 180° with the Arduino servo library.

Sorry your link does not work, I get this:
This site can’t be reached
Check if there is a typo in motor.

Thanks for the tips @LarryD !

I´ll search for one there! This one I´m using is 5/6 rpm and with high torque...hope to find one with similar specifications!

Sorry for that @gilshultz ! maybe the best choice is really try to find a DC motor, with similar specifications to the one i´m using today (5/6 rpm, and high torque)

I love car window motors (cheap at salvage stores).

You can lift 100 pounds using 1.3A.

About 1 & 1/2 revolutions per second.


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Thats a good choice @LarryD! I´ll look up here downtown, its just what i´ve been looking for! Thank you!

You can easily run these from 12v down to 5v.

RPM changes accordingly.

I´ll buy and do some tests here if its going to work!

Thank you for the support!

At 5v my motors draws 500mA, at 12v 750mA.

Measured when I was trying to stop the motors with my hand (couldn’t slow the motor down in doing so).

Skin missing from fingers now !