motor shield current crossover possible?

Hey everyone. Having a problem with my motor shield. The code works great, however there seems to be a problem with current bleeding between the two sets of motors. I got a set of vibrating motors and one basic DC motor. I have the vibrating motors pulsing every second and the DC motor staying on constantly. The problem seems to be when the break is activated for the vibrating motors to get them to pulse, the DC motor also pulses. It doesn’t stop completely, but the stop is noticeable. Anyone know of a way to stop the other motor from stopping? I checked my current draw its at 1.35 amps, calculated, and the shield should be functional up to 2 amps.

When your code does this or that, the motors do strange things. And, yet posting the code didn't seem to occur to you. Hmmm...

As well as the code, you'd better tell us which shield it is,what the power supply is, the electrical characteristics of the motors and how all this is connected together.