Motor Shield Newbie

I'm sure the answer is here somewhere but I can't seem to find it! :slight_smile:
I have an Arduino Uno and an Arduino Motor Shield Rev 3. I'm looking for some very basic directions on how to use the Motor Shield. I see how to hook it up but surely there's somewhere I can get some sample code to demonstrate how to program it. Is there a library I need to download? I'm simply hooking up a little 6V DC Motor and a 6V battery. I'd like to see some simple code that shows me how to control its speed and direction. Braking and Current monitoring would be a bonus.

Please point me at something to get me started?

Thanks for your help.

Hi, sounds as tho you're where I'm at... I found this video which is helpful... I'm struggling with limit switch right now

This one is a quick hookup guide, but the code worked for me Nema 17 Stepper Motor with Arduino CNC Sheild V3 (A4988 Driver) | 100% Working Arduino Code - YouTube

This one goes into more detail, tho it's not quite the same as my 3 axis shield

Good luck

I didn’t find any information on the use of the Motor Shield, but I think I figured it out. In case anyone stumbles on this post, here is the sample code. With the motor I have, I can’t really tell if the brake works.

//Arduino Motor Shield Test
int motor1DirPin = 12;      // Motor direction 
int motor1SpeedPin = 3;    // Motor speed 
int motor1BrakePin = 9;   // Motor Brake
int motor1CurrentPin = A0;   // Motor Current
int motor2DirPin = 13;      // Motor direction 
int motor2SpeedPin = 11;    // Motor speed 
int motor2BrakePin = 8;   // Motor Brake
int motor2CurrentPin = A1;   // Motor Current

int current1Value = 0;
int current2Value = 0;
float current1 = 0;
float current2 = 0;

int RampDel = 20;
int ShortDel = 500; 
int LongDel = 10000;

void setup()
  pinMode(motor1DirPin, OUTPUT);       // sets the pin as output
  pinMode(motor1SpeedPin, OUTPUT);     // sets the pin as output
  pinMode(motor1BrakePin , OUTPUT);     // sets the pin as output
  pinMode(motor1CurrentPin , INPUT);     // sets the pin as input

  digitalWrite(motor1DirPin, LOW);     // sets the default dir to be forward
  digitalWrite(motor1SpeedPin, LOW);   // sets the default speed to be off
  digitalWrite(motor1BrakePin, LOW);   // sets the default brake to be off


void loop()
  digitalWrite(motor1DirPin, LOW);   // Set the motor direction to forward  
  delay (3000);
  digitalWrite(motor1DirPin, HIGH);   // Set the motor direction to reverse

void go()
  // Ramp the motor speed up
   Serial.println("Ramp Up");
   analogWrite(motor1BrakePin, LOW);  // Brake Off
   for (int x = 79 ; x< 256; x++)    // 79 is minimum to start motor
    analogWrite(motor1SpeedPin, x);    // motor off

   Serial.println("Ramp Down ");
  // Ramp the motor speed down
  for (int x = 255; x>=79; x--)
    analogWrite(motor1SpeedPin, x);   
  analogWrite(motor1SpeedPin, 0);   
  analogWrite(motor1BrakePin, HIGH);  // Brake On

void getCurrent()
  float current1 = 0;
  float voltage1 = 0;
  for (int z = 0 ; z< 5; z++)
  current1Value = analogRead(motor1CurrentPin);
  Serial.print("Value1 = ");
  voltage1 = 0.0032227 * current1Value;
  voltage1 = 0.0032227 * current1Value;
  Serial.print("   Voltage 1 =  ");
  current1 = 0.6061 * voltage1;
  Serial.print("   Current 1 =  ");
  Serial.println(" ");


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