Motor shield Problem

This is my first-ever robot, and I purchased a kit from Roinco, and I got a basic motor shield with it.
The motor shield does not have a way to provide power to it. So, how do I use the arduino to provide power to it?
Next, there are many extra pins on the shield. Can I connect other components here such as a bluetooth module, or IR sensors? Can they burn out due to excess power?
My board is an arduino uno.

The motor shield does not have a way to provide power to it.

That would make a pretty useless motor driver, then. You seem to think that we can somehow see what you have. We cannot. There are, literally, hundreds of different motor driver boards. Post a link to a data sheet, manual or something that shows what motor driver that you have.

Do see this file please. It is a picture of my motor shield.
Also, I want to power BO motors only.

The attachment is not working for some reason.

Please check this link. Here, I purchased the multipurpose starter kit, which has a motor shield on it. please do look at it. It is small and green.

Is it possible that I power the arduino with 9 volts and when I attach the motor shield, itgets connected to the vin pin, and hence also gets powered?

Appears they are not made anymore if it is the one shown below.
Your link is very vague and does not point to the exact unit you are referring to.

All you can do is trace where pin 8 on the ic goes and get back here.

That is the exact shield I am referring to! Thank you very much for finding it.
I bought it just two months ago from amazon. So, is it okay to power it from arduino and use it to drie BO motors?
Also, can I connect other components to it like a HC-05 bluetooth module or IR sensors?

By the way, this is for my school project so can you please reply ASAP when you see this. I really am confused about the working of this device.
Thank you.

Can you post a photo of yours from above so we can see the markings next to those pins sticking up top left. It looks to as if those are i/o pins broken out for your use.

But it does seem as if there's no motor power input, which would mean it's going to power your motors from the Arduino's 5V which is absurd.

The file upload option is not working for me. However, D7, D8, D9 and D10 are written from top to bottom for those pins.

However, D7, D8, D9 and D10 are written from top to bottom for those pins.

Well those are presumably available to you for i/o.

I wonder why the analog pins aren't brought to headers: I would guess they're not used, and they are in any case digital pins.

If there's any sample code to run motors, you should be able to tell what pins are actually in use for controlling motors.

It looks to me as if that shield is shorter than an Uno, stops at pin 10 by the looks of it? (Most shields go right across to and over the USB.) In that case, 11, 12 and 13 are probably not covered and could be used too.

Is there no documentation?

The file upload option is not working for me. However, D7, D8, D9 and D10 are written from top to bottom for those pins.

What format is the file?
How big is it ?
Does the attachment not work OR does it give you an error?
If an error, what does it say?

Thanks.. Tom.. :slight_smile:

At the chip level, the L293 gets wired as follows, with whatever pins on the Arduino are appropriate, and suitable motor voltage (shown as 9V in the example below):

2dc motors L293.png

The code under item 1 here, says as follows:

// Define Motor Pin
const int Motor_L_F = 2;
const int Motor_L_B = 3;
const int Motor_R_F = 4;
const int Motor_R_B = 5;

Those Arduino pins will presumably go to L293 pins 2, 7, 10 and 15 for the motor control.

It makes no mention of Arduino pin 6, which would seem to be unused although not broken out.

(The sensors are on pins 7 and 8 in that code; we already know pins 7, 8, 9 and 10 are broken out.)

The L293 requires 5V to an enable pin on each side (L293 pins 1 and 9), one for each motor, so those would seem to be hardwired since there’s no pins other than Arduino 2, 3, 4 and 5 in play.

The L293 logic supply (L293 pin 16) is presumably from the Arduino 5V.

It would also seem that the L293 motor supply voltage (L293 pin 8 ) is also from the Arduino 5V, since there is a) no external power connection visible on the shield nor b) any battery pack visible on the photo of the robot in the above link.

This link shows the motors as those common yellow ones, which are usually billed as 3-6V. Since the L293 drops a couple of volts there “should” be just enough left of the 5V to run the motor at 3V. Current availability’s another issue, of course.

PS, if that shield was mine, I’d be inclined to remove those pins on the analog side (assuming I was satisfied they were not used by the shield at all), and replace with female headers with pins through the shield into the Arduino. That would give access to pins A0-A5.

Thank you very much for explaining this to me. Now I understand it better.

I have one more question-is it possible that if I power the arduino using 9 v thorugh the power jack, then since the motor shield is connected to the vin pin, can it draw power from there of 9 volts?

Do you know its on the Vin pin? If so then I guess so, but not sure tbh.

(I really dont like these shields with no clear docs and schematics.)