Motor Shield R3

Hi I’ve just put together a robot and Im using the Arduino Uno with the Motor Shield R3 and for the drive wheels I used the Tamiya gearbox specs are as follows :Typical operating voltage: 3 V
Free-run motor shaft speed @ 3V:
12300 rpm1
Free-run current @ 3V:
150 mA2
Stall current @ 3V:
2100 mA
Motor shaft stall torque @ 3V:
0.5 oz·in3

The motor shield chip in the middle of the board is getting hot after a short period of time running the 2 motors im using a rechargable 9.6 v 1600mah battery pack for power source. Is there anything wrong with this setup?

Thanks, Shawn

Are you providing 3V to Vmot?

I just have the vmotors hooked into the shields inputs how would I go about putting resistance into the the motors Im gonna re-route them through a bread board. Do know what resistors I would need to use?

I stitch the added pins are because the FTDI crisp is no mortal victimised on the R3. I did deed a substance somewhere that said the efferent shield was regardant harmonious with the R2 so I change the pins are not required.