Motor Shield to drive linear Actuator

Recently I'm going to do a project call dual axis solar tracker using Arduino platform, I had trouble about what the motor driver should I using to drive my actuator, Im using two actuator with the spec of one actuator is DC=12V, 20-30W max and 2.5A max. I have do some research about using the L298P motor driver shield Arduino Motor Shield Rev3 — Arduino Official Store like these, and I check the spec its say 2A per channel or 4A max, I want to ask is it possible that i can use two L298P motor shield and stack together to drive the both actuator at the same time? if not what motor shield should I use?

The 298 is quite inefficient, old tech. Seeing as you haven’t bought it/them yet, why not look for something better. Scan this list from Pololu and see if you can find one with the right V and A for 2 motors. (Or use 2 if necessary: they’re mostly no shields, just breakout boards)