Motor Shield V1 on Arduino DUE

i'm doing a project that requires the control of 3 different DC motor, each one needs to be controlled in speed and direction, and an MPU6050 to be read constantly.
I started using Arduino UNO and bought the Motor Shield V1 (the one with 2 L293D motor driver) to control 3 DC motor simultaneously, however due to the fact that i'm working using Simulink and i needed to have the output of the IMU in real time, the memory of the UNO wasn't enough. Hence i bought an Arduino DUE reading that it has a lot more memory and capability to do the job. I was very satisfied when i got the data from the IMU correctly in Simulink, but then i was stunned when i tried to control a DC motor using the same motor shield. To my surprise it came out that the libraries for the shield are not suitable for all Arduino boards, as it was written, and the DUE is left out. (The fact that i was insecure in buying the DUE and was considering instead the MEGA2560 made me even angrier, since with this one everything would work perfectly).
After a lot of search on the internet i wasn't able to find a solution to my problem, like a library that adapt the old one to work with the Arduino DUE or something like that, and the only thread that address this topic have no answers and has been closed.

I'm here to ask your help to make the Motor Shield V1 work with the Arduino DUE since i'm not capable of doing it myself. I'm not new to Arduino system, but i'm not that skilled in programming and it's impossible for me to make a library from scratch for the shield to work properly. Probably it would be easier to buy the MEGA now and call it a day, but i already spend 50€ on the DUE and i believe that there are more people out there that need the same help that i need. Fixing this issue, if possible, would be very useful to a lot of people for sure.

Again, i hope that somebody can help me with this problem, i apologize if there are any typo, english is not my language.
Thanks again and i hope to receive a respons soon.

The many Arduinos have different names, they are not the same. Some have a few pins some have a lot of pins some even have different processors. There are also a plethora of microprocessors that are supported with the IDE, they are all different.
Many have found out the the way you have they are not all the same. It is always best to make a schematic then from the BOM be sure the parts are compatible with your design. There are many shields that have been designed work with the UNO but not necessarily any others. It is best to read the information before buying.
The UNO has been out there a long time, it has been upgraded including the processor. If you have read this Forum you have seen that we ask for links to technical information on the hardware items, they may have the same name but may not be compatible. The Arduino Due you mention is a microcontroller board based on the Atmel SAM3X8E ARM Cortex-M3 CPU. It is the first Arduino board based on a 32-bit ARM core, it is not the same as the UNO and most of the others.

Hi, thanks for responding.
I already saw the differences in the processors while buying the DUE, and it was a pro for me since i need a lot of Memory and a faster response.
However, this different is why the Motor Shield V1 can't run with the DUE? I read the libraries of the UNO for the shield, the types of processors are Indeed defined and set in the code, however everything else is just a rearrengment of the pins to work with the shield (i hope i'm explain myself in the right way). So if the libraries are only a rearrengment of the pins, why they cannot be fixed to work with the DUE? Is there more that i'm not aware of, and it's not just a work of rewriting the code?
Also the libraries works with the MEGA2560 that has the same PIN schematic of the due (for the ones regarding the shield), i'm very confused on why this shield can't work with the DUE.

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