Motor Shield v3

I recently purchased the arduino motor shield v3. As I could not find any assembly instructions here, I googled a bit and found this instruction on youtube.

(1st link; see next post for the links - this is my first post in this forum)

I found the documentation of David Cuartielles too, (2nd link) where I downloaded the layout (and schematics) which I think is the same as another one I found (3rd link; please correct me, if not).

In the video however the guy puts the RED leds in the other direction. As you can see in the picture the negative side of the left led is on the left. The negative side of the right led is on the right. In the video he puts the negative side of the left led to the right, and the negative side of the right led to the left.

I soldered all parts accept the ICs as I want to buy some sockets and put the ICs in there.

Is there any chance to test if I soldered the leds correctly? I made the version of the picture, not the one of the video.

If I put the shield on the arduino and turn it on, the power led lights. If I press the two buttons, the red leds light.

Does that mean, I soldered them correctly?

Thanks in advande.

Here are the links:

the youtube video with the assembly instruction:

the documentation of David Cuartielles:

another picture of the pcb layout:

Hi Earl, you just tested the encoder part of the board, which is not used by the motor driver at all. You need to connect a motor, power the board and the Arduino board with the appropriate power supply and run the test sketch that is available online.

Thanks, nkcelectronics! What do you mean with "not used at all"? I allready wondered what the two encoder pins could be. So if the red leds and the two buttons are not used by the motor driver, what are they intended to be used for?

There was another thread on this recently:

Thanks! That proved my version of how I soldered the kit. I did not recognize that there are THREE DIFFERENT type of ICs. I thought that there were one and a pair of two.

Just one thing is missing yet: What's the encoder part all about? I found this thread where David Cuartielles and ladyada discuss the encoder part among other things but the level of their conversation is beyond my grasp.

Maybe I should ask differently: Why would someone need the encoder part?

The encoders are used for measuring the speed and or the rotation direction. You could use it as the feedback signal for a PID speed controlled application.

for example some kind of aircraft? e.g. a quadrocopter?

If you would like to make a robot car drive at the same speed uphill or downhill you could use this.

For a quadcopter it's problebly usefull as well.


Ok, since I don't need more information about the encoder thing on the shield at the moment (but maybe later), this thread can be closed. Thanks all for your help.

However, if someone is reading through this and is stuck somewhere, this may help: (several issues) (some information from David Cuartielles)