Motor shield voltage

I have a motor shield on an Arduino UNO and when I activate the program the motors do not run properly. They are 9volt motors and only re cieving 5.6 volts. I have 9volts supplied to the external power on the shield and the jumper remuvedfrom the power pins. Is there a way to get 9volts out for each of the motors.

Where is the 9V coming from - a square battery? If you are not seeing 9V, the battery is either drained, or the motors take too much current.

9volt power supply the voltage at the external power conecter on the shield remains at 9volts, motor 1 2 3 &4 drops to 5.6 when the motor is activated.

Got a spec on the motor?

No no spec on the motors thought the shield would take care of the curent problem. Guess I need to run them with relays.