Motor that can be controlled both by Arduino and by physical force


I am working on a project where we have modelled a man in foam. The arms needs to be able to go up and down in one direction. We want to be able to control the position of the arms by a motor, but we also want to be able to physically pull them up and down, and read the position.

Right now we use a potentiometer to read the position, and we can move the arms up and down physically. Is it possible to implement a motor, so this also can be done by code? Our concern is, that the motor is not built for being manipulated.

We are using an Arduino Uno.

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One way could be to use some torqe sencing sensor. When the torqe of the resting arm changes let the code adjust the position if the arm until resting torqe is achieved again.

Have a look at this YoutTube video. I believe I bookmarked it after coming across it in a Forum Thread but I don't seem to have bookmarked the Thread (or if I did I can't find it).