Motor too weak?

I'm using and Elegoo starter kit and I am trying to build a small car that moves.

I used this set up:

  • Elegoo Uno R3
  • L293D IC
  • 3-6v motor
  • 9V1A adapter
  • 9V battery

This is how my setup looks like

I attached some wheels to two motors connected to the same board and using the same driver (L293D). It seemed there was so little torque in the motors that the car couldn't move. If I lifted it then both motors would spin rather fast.

Do the motors simply have very little torque? If so which should I get?

Or is it a matter of power supply? (I have the board connected to my computer and a 9V battery for both motors)

Or is it the L293D driver that doesn't cut it? If so which driver should I get?

Or if it is a combination of the 3 above mentioned factors, then what would be a nice setup to get?


That small motor needs to be geared down to a much slower speed in order to have enough torque.

Small Arduino cars often use the type of motor in this Ebay link - they are widely available

The Pololu website also lists several geared motors - some of which are also available from other suppliers


The size of a motor is a good guide to its torque (if no gearing is involved). Small motors have very little torque.
They may have much higher speeds though, and once geared down that speed is traded for torque.