Motorcycle allarm.

hello guys,

i ve made a motorcycle allarm using my arduino. i used 2 tilt sensors one flashing led and one rf module.

my main question is about the power source. will this drow a lot of power from my motorcycle battery?? i dont want my arduino to destroy my battery....

any advices??


The Arduino won't destroy the battery unless you short it out.

i mean....i dont want to wake up a morning and the motorcycle wont power on cause of an empty battery... :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh. Well, you could turn off things you aren't using. Do the tilt sensors have a interrupt pin? If so, you can put the Arduino to sleep. The Pro Mini doesn't use a lot of power if you are using one.

I count the consumption of the arduino...the consumption is 30-31 mAh (at 9V) and my motorcycle battery is 12V 8Ah.

Will this get my battery low?

Well, if you calculate the amount of time it will take for the battery to die, it is about 250 hours. That should be plenty!