Motorcycle intercom project... feasible?

Hello all,

Got my first Arduino for Xmas, having lots of fun with it so far.

I want to make a motorcycle intercom, with separate audio in / out for both rider and passenger with push to talk. I may even want to extend it to allow other inputs, such as for music (with cut out so when someone talks, music cuts) and GPS.

I don't know is using an Arduino for this is like using a sledge hammer to crack a nut, but I would love to know if you guys think this is feasible or not.

Thanks :slight_smile:

I would love to know if you guys think this is feasible or not.

First question. Did you see a microphone port on the Arduino? I wonder why not.
Second question. Did you see a speaker port on the Arduino? I wonder why not.

Actually, I know. The Arduino's ADC is too slow, and the Arduino hasn't enough memory, to do adequate analog (audio) to digital conversion. It's ability to convert the digital signal back to audio is also constrained.

Thanks guys, fair enough Arduino isn't the answer. I've got an idea as to what I want, can anyone recommend a resource (forum or otherwise) for more generic electronics?

Making an intercom type system from your own circuits and controlling them with the arduino would be feasible, even it would just be controlling relays for power to speaker circuits or switching inputs dependent on buttons
something like that the arduino would be great for, and its not to hard to build the other circuits that you may need, mic preamp, amplifier for speakers, maybe a audio level detector

I don't think this is a bad fit with an Arduino, personally.

You can control some nice, small relays based on button presses to control the flow of audio.
Using a digital potentiometer, you can do things like fade up the audio / radio volume smoothly when the conversation is over.
It's not so much about using the Arduino as an audio processor, but more like an I/O selector. Here is an arduino based selector that is top notch:

If you drew up all the functionality you could possibly want, and clearly, I'm sure we could see if a microcontroller based solution (that would include more advanced functions) would be best, or if you would be best using a simple selector switch directly wired to your existing (or cheaply bought) intercom system.