Motorcycle project - help with simulink drawings


trying exercice 6.1 :

  • ran modelparameters to get variables -> ok

  • opened statespace0 in simulink, added operators with their parameters.
    g*(m_rl_AB+m_wl_AC) for top left gain
    1/I_w_C for bottom one
    1/(I_w_A+I_r_A) for top right.
    -> state0 picture

  • run : scope block give me strange picture : ste0.jpg

  • If i open statespace1 (already completed, next step of the exercice), scope block give correct results.
    (ste1 picture, for state1 diagram).

What did i miss ? i checked operators, their parameters, all seem identical.

thanks for advice

ste1 scope.jpg

ste1 scope.jpg

Found !
inverted top substract operator.

great appearance of the new forum, btw.

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