Motorcycle Sim Controller

Hi All,

First some background about myself. I have experience with software development and using/assembling a 3D printer (which will probably be useful for making parts for this project). Computers are my bread and butter, so I feel confident in that side of things, where I am weaker is the electronics side of things which I do not have a strong background in though know the basics having spent some time as an electrical apprentice.

I am interested in using an Arduino for making a Motorcycle sim controller for the game GP-Bikes by PiBoSo.

Having done some searching around I do not believe this has ever been attempted with an Arduino. The closest thing in existence to what I want to achieve is the HS2 Pro detailed here:

Where my plans differ from the HS2 is that my aim is to create something that I can mount to an existing bike. To be specific I have an old pit bike that's lacking an engine currently, perfect for a project like this.

The goal is to hopefully create something that almost anyone can fit to a bike of their choice to convert it in to a controller.

I was wondering would this forum have any advice in regards to what sensors and equipment I would need to be using for the Arduino to receive input from levers (clutch/front brakes), steering, rear brake and shifter? Would potentiometer's be good for this purpose or is there a better way to approach this?

Pots are the obvious choice, rotary and linear. Hall effect sensors (analog ones) and moving magnets are a possibility, as are ir distance sensors. The advantage would be that they would not wear as pots do. But for simplicity at this stage I would stay with pots.

Do you need the Arduino to emulate a usb device? If so, most cannot, you will need to choose a Pro Mini or Leonardo. Some others like Due can also emulate usb, but a Due seems overkill for this project.

Good to know I'm on the right track. Also did think about IR as I know it is used in certain car sim wheel's but those designs are much more complex (as is I guess tracking a wheel could be).

It will need to work over USB, thanks for the heads up regarding that.

My apologies if I misunderstand what you're trying to do, but if your motorcycle controller will have an input that is based on tilt (like with a normal arcade motorcycle racing game), then you will need an IMU similar to an MPU6050.

No plans for the actual frame to tilt at all. Steering will hopefully be done just by sensing the left/right movement of the handlebars.

Hopefully that feels realistic enough, if not I will look at alternative solutions for steering. Reading the input of the steering I don't imagine will be too hard, though I expect actually having the bars move in a way that feels 'right' will be the hardest part of this project due to how the physics of counter steering work in real life.