Motorised Audio Potentiometer


I was hoping to control an Alps motorised potentiometer using the mega board I have, when I built the DAC I put in a motorised pot just in case this day came.

My problem is I have not been able to find any information on how to implement it, can you help?

Well it could be useful to have some idea what potentiometer you have, its tech specs etc... In particular the motor side of it.

The best I can tell you is it is a DC motor that is rated at 4.5volts 150ma max connections are straight to motor only 2 wires. I’m thinking if I just connect a couple of solid state non latching relays with reversed polarity one one & a 4.5v SMPS PSU that may work??

This is for a slide pot, but same applies to a rotary pot.

H-Bridge to drive the motor, feedback from the pot to determine position.