Motorized Pinwheel Arduino Project using a larger DC motor (12V)

I am very new to Arduino, and recently purchased the starter kit. I have done most of the activities in the kit and wanted to try doing the motorized pinwheel project again, but this time with a larger DC motor. I don't have a lot of specs for the motor, but I know it is a 12 volt DC motor. When I hold the leads of the 9V battery directly to the 12V motor, it runs well.

I tried changing only the motor in the pinwheel project circuit to the new motor. Everything worked fine prior to this change, with the small DC motor that came with the Arduino kit running well. Switch the Arduino kit motor with the 12 V motor, and it doesn't work anymore. I can feel a slight twitch of the motor when I press the switch, but nothing else happens.

Any advice on what I might be doing wrong? Do I need more voltage? I tried using a variable power supply to give 12 V, but there was no change. The 12V motor runs happily directly from the variable power supply with as little as 3 V.

Here is a link to the set up of the motorized pinwheel arduino project, which shows the set up I am using.

You may have to get rid of the breadboard to have enough current to operate a larger motor. Wire directly.


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Did you switch back to the original motor to see if you could still control it?

Thanks.. Tom.. :slight_smile:

I will give that a shot Paul, thanks for the reply!

Yep Tom, I did do that and the original motor worked fine. Thanks!

Can you post a picture of the larger motor please?

Do you have a DMM?

Thanks.. Tom.. :slight_smile: