Motorized x-y stage for scanner


I'm building a film scanner using a dslr.

I scan by taking many photos of a negative and stitching them together in software. For instance, at 1:1 magnification, it takes 25 pictures to cover a 6x7cm negative.
The system works well, but it can be a bit tedious, especially with large film! As a result, I'd like to automate the system, using a motorized x-y stage and a controller. So, position negative. Take picture. Re-position negative. Take picture...

While I'm fairly handy, I've not worked with a controller or stepper motors before. I'd appreciate any advice as to the best way to get started. One of the design goals it to keep costs fairly low.

Take a look at the reprap project at The Prusa Mendel uses many of the components you'll need - stepper motors and drivers to drive the x&y movement, limit switches and the mechanicals to put it all together. Controlled by a Mega, but an uno would be fine for your purposes. Take a look at stepper motors and try and figure out what your mechanics will be to get the movement you're looking for.

Hi Bill,

Thank you. I'll check it out.