Motorola V3i RAZR

Hello! I've found my old Motorola V3i who still works. Im trying to find if I can use this phone with arduino for parts(camera, bluetooth, 2xLCD, MP3, storage, GPRS, etc) or the whole phone. The only datasheet I've found is I cannot find any datasheets for these parts and Im not sure how to connect the phone to my arduino through TX/RX ping. Can I use this phone for anything with my arduino? If not the whole phone, at least the parts.. Thanks!

Can anyone answer me please?

I cant ask more specific question, because I dont know which part is usable as stand-alone part. I will be happy if at least i can use the whole phone probably as GSM module by serial communication, because the phone is pretty thin (probably half of the size of the GSM shield for arduino). Thanks!

I've found an archive with 3 PDF's for RAZR v3i. The documents are pretty detailed with all the connections, labels, chips, components and their values. But I'm not sure that I have to post the link here, because there is a text at the bottom of every page: MOTOROLA CONFIDENTIAL PROPRIETARY :)

It looks as if you have the information you need, then. The next problem is removing the parts and connecting them to your own board. That may be near impossible to do. I usually buy parts from some place like spark fun. It's not free, but they have things on nice breakout boards so you can interface the parts much more easily.