motorPin - HIGH or LOW

I’ve got those small vibration motors, 1.5V and 0.05A / 3V and 0.1A.

I’ve been looking up code for these motors and all I’ve found are codes that simply turn them on and off.
Isn’t there a way to code them so that they gradually work their way from lows to highs?

Thanks in advance and if I’m being unclear, let me know.

best regards

Make sure you place a driver between an Arduino and this motor.

Maybe experiment with PWM, however, this motor will probably not increase in speed in a linear fashion.


Yeah, I was going to use a PWM for this project. I'll have to have a talk with my electronics supplier about the driver, don't know anything about them.

Thanks a lot for the help!

If you just want to rotate them in 1 direction a simple transistor/mosfet circuit will do just fine. Google and you will find ;)

But you know you need a 3v or 1,5v supply for them? Driving them from 5v can damage them.

Ok, thanks! I'll look into it. Looks like I'll have to pop over to a friend of mine and have him look over the schematics with me. 7 or 8 years since I studied this in school.

Look at this or this. Type of transistor doesn't really matter as long as it rated for +-100mA.

Ok, brilliant! Thanks! I've got a schematic for it over here in the second to last post