Motors attached to L298n not rotating withlower PWM values

Hello guys

Im using the L298n, motorr driver module along with Arduino Mega. The Motors im using are the jga25-370 6v modele, and for the power supply im using 18650 lithium cells.

everything seems to work fine when when i set both motors PWM higher than 105, if i use lower values i just hear a quiet loud frequency noise and the motors doesn't rotate.

my question is: why is this happening with lower PWM values?

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Because the motors are not getting enough current for long enough to make them move. This will be aggravated if the motors have gearboxes attached as this will cause extra mechanical load on the motors

How many cells and how are they connected?


Once the motor is turning, you can probably ease off on the PWM count a bit to get it running more slowly, it just needs a more powerful kick to get started.

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One of the problems with your project is you are using a motor driver that can drop up to 2V of your supply before your motor.

Can you please post a circuit diagram of your project?
A hand drawn diagram would be fine, please not a Fritzy image.

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