does any one know a stepper motor driver that will work with the motor at this link

I have a driver that operates with vcc: 5 to 24v. But I am guessing that won't work since the minimum is 5 volts and motor in the link needs 0.015v.


Something is wrong with those specs. I wouldn't buy it!

Maybe it's supposed to be 1.5V but that's just a guess. I wouldn't buy it. I also noticed another typo - It says "Tated" instead of "Rated" and it's "interesting" that it says 0.015 Watts and 0.015 Volts.

A driver that's rated from 5-24V might work with lower voltage, but not if it has a 5V logic chip on it.

Motors that size are often a 50 to 100mA rated. Measure the winding resistance, if its in the range 40 to 80 ohms or so its probably OK to use 5V to drive them. They might conceivably be 12V, in which case that 0.015 is the current rating (steppers normally only have a current rating and a winding resistance). So if the winding resistance is more like 500 - 1000 ohms they might be 12V, but some experimentation may be needed. Watch out for overheating - a sure sign of too much current.