I am making a Ardunio robot it’s going to reasonably heavy. 15 pounds at Maximum
I was wondering which one of these motors/frame would be better

My robot does not need to go very fast but I’d like it to go about half speed of average person walking

frame/motor 1

frame/motor 2

if you think that these both will not work then please give me links to better ones.

I also need help with finding wheels if the above two are not suitable.

Can someone find robotic wheels for the below motor,I'm not good with the measurements . just in case the above products cant lug 15 pounds around

Tough Gear Motor: Small but durable. Measures 2-7/16" long x 1-5/16" dia. and has a 3/16" x 3/8" long flattened offset shaft. Runs between 6-12 VDC. At 12 VDC, it spins 7 rpm and draws 90mA with a 500mA stall current. Gearbox ratio is approx 400:1. Has (3) 3/32" mounting holes on the shaft face. Reversible.

can anyone provide insight?